Over half a million copies of our Fema magazine are distributed each year
to in and out-of-school Fema Clubs and partners

Femina Hip communicates and connects with youth through our regularly occurring media vehicles as well as through face-to-face activities and ‘active learning’ outreach. These initiatives mutually reinforce each other to share knowledge, model behaviours, and provide guidance and inspiration. Both our media products and face-to-face activities are designed to connect youth to each other and to Femina Hip: to stimulate conversations and reflection, and to offer youth an opportunity to speak up, voice their views, and share and express their concerns.

Our key media product is our attractive and relevant Fema Magazine. Through this vehicle secondary students and out-of school youth are inspired and stimulated to read and discuss, and to create active Fema Clubs. Our other media products Fema TV and Fema Radio, as well as our Fema Social Media, reinforce and complement the messages in our magazine and extend our reach.