Active Learning is Femina Hip’s methodology for how youth should engage with our media platforms. Information, experiencing, engagement and reflective dialogue are the four elements of Active Learning that our programs all work to facilitate. Our media products inform youth about issues; youth engage in the content together with peers in a ‘safe space’, such as at Fema Clubs meetings; and in dialogue they explore topics, feelings and thoughts. Using our Femina Hip platforms and spaces youth share stories, reflect and act.

Our Fema Clubs teacher/mentors are trained in the Active Learning methodology by our Community Mobilization Team, so as to most effectively foster this practice in our Fema Clubs. Additionally, during different Femina Hip outreach events our Community Mobilization Team conducts additional trainings with youth directly on Girl Power and other themes. We also engage Regional and District Education Officers in these trainings in order to root our work and club system more effectively at the local government level. This framework supports a deepening of awareness and promotes attitude change regarding the Femina Family messages.