Our Community Mobilization Team connects with our audience through a number of ways. Our team is in constant contact with our clubs over our sms communication system. In addition to trainings, outreach activities include school visits, festivals and conferences. These events can be organized by us or by the Fema Clubs themselves. The purpose of our outreach work is to motivate and support youth, Fema clubbers and mentors to more effectively engage with our Fema agenda, distribute additional promotional materials about current themes and monitor our media product distribution as well as make ourselves more accessible to our Femina Family members.

The Femina Hip Community Mobilization Team consists of six program officers who are each responsible for creating relationships and monitoring our Fema Schools and Clubs across every region of Tanzania. Each program officer conducts yearly school visits, advises Fema Club Mentors, and communicates with district and regional education authorities. Our SMS platform strengthens this work by allowing our team to be in constant communication with Mentors, schools, and youth. This platform includes SurveyMonkey creating a space to provide feedback and advice, as well as creates an avenue for the schools to submit feedback reports on their activities.

Femina Hip’s Annual Youth Conference

A key Community Mobilization activity is Femina Hip’s own Annual Youth Conference for Fema Clubs and teacher/mentors. The conference focuses on a theme that mirrors one of our Fema magazine campaigns. The Youth Conference takes place over a three to four day period in Dar es Salaam and gathers over 150 participants from our Fema Family. At least one Fema Club from each region participates in the conference, and from each participating Fema Club two students and one Mentor are selected to attend.

The goal of the Conference is to further activate the students to become change-makers by providing them with additional training and information. Keynote speakers and role models, including individuals from the Fema Team and beyond, facilitate discussion on the campaign theme and act as a resource for inspiration. Competitions and awards are a central component of the Conference, highlighting the best Fema Club nationally, the best regional Fema Clubs, the best Fema Mentor, and the best Fema Club Network. These awards act as a way to engage attendees, increases club and network activity and spur competition between the clubs and networks incentivising further participation. Guests of honor from government ministries, donor partners and embassies, partner NGOs as well as mainstream media are also in attendance each year.

Fairs and Festivals

Another avenue we use to promote our content and mission to a broader audience is through participation in third party fairs and festivals. These are organized by government, NGO partners or our Fema Club networks. Some notable events we participate in each year include National Youth Week, International Day of the Girl Child, International Youth Day, World Menstruation Day, and World Environment Day.