Our partners, including local and central government, civil society and corporate institutions, provide regular input and expertise,
endorse our work, and help facilitate the dissemination of our products.

Technical and Editorial Partners

Femina Hip regularly invites technical partner NGO’s and government agencies with relevant topic expertise to take part
in our content creation process. Our media platform campaigns, shaping Femina Hip ever evolving content, are supported and enhanced through these partnerships. Our expansive media platform creates opportunity for collaboration with other organizations who share similar agendas and values but lack their own communication vehicles. We encourage such organizations to buy space on the platform and foster new and dynamic co-creations.

Distribution Partners

From the start, Femina Hip worked closely with East African Movies Logistics to create the Femina Distribution System, which has been our primary means of print distribution. Over the years we have branched out and now partner with numerous other distribution service providers and NGO partners to distribute our print materials. Femina Hip is constantly monitoring the system, using our SMS platform, to ensure smooth and streamlined distribution to our Fema Clubs, schools and partners.

Government Partners

Femina Hip's agenda to educate and support youth in Tanzania has always harmonized with the goals of the Tanzania government and education policies. Collaboration and communication between Femina Hip and both local and national government agencies has always been good. Government officials support our initiatives throughout the regions of Tanzania through dialogue and participation in our Fema outreach events.

Corporate Partners

Corporate sector partners are involved in Femina's work through collaboration and service provision. These partners support our events through sponsorship, connect Femina Hip to markets and resources and carry our branded messages to new audiences. Another avenue through which corporate partners are involved is by buying space on our multi-media platform to advertise their products.