Over the years Femina Hip’s open media platform—which has encouraged honesty and built a reputation of trust— has evolved
into the concept of the Femina Family Movement. This concept reflects Femina Hip’s own healthy lifestyle brand, which promotes responsible decision-making and healthy lifestyle choices. To be a member of this community, means that you regularly engage in our ideas, values, and content, and encourae others to participate and get involved. This relationship stimulates a sense of solidarity and a feeling of inclusion and ownership which encourages youth to participate.

Our work is cyclic: young people are fostered to become changemakers who then act for the
benefit of themselves, their peers and the community. Changemakers are the fruits of our work, equipped with healthy values and behaviours. Nurtured in fertile soil, a supporting and safe environment (Fema Clubs and Youth Networks), youth are provided with opportunity to gain awareness and knowledge and to develop life skills through our media platform, conversations with peers, experimenting and practising together with other Fema Clubbers. Femina Hip provides the content, role models, guidance and support, but the process of change is driven by youth. Our partners and the leaders at the local level fertilise through their presence. The ripe fruit, young confident changemakers, are leaders and role models who promote change amongst peers and contribute to the nurturing environment in which young people are able to reflect, share, negotiate and act.

The Fema Family Movement is the embodiment of this process and support system created by
Femina Hip and all of its participants. Femina Hip is the young person’s friend, mentor, counselor, confidant and partner. Once an individual begins actively engaging in Femina Hip’s content they join the family, becoming connected to all of the other family members, groups, and opportunities within the family and beyond.