In addition to our professional full-time staff Femina Hip takes on volunteers and interns to contribute to our agenda
and to strengthen and expand our work. We have always viewed volunteers and interns as an invaluable asset to further connect us to a young persons life and personal development.


Femina Youth Volunteer Program

Our Femina Youth Volunteer Program is designed with two goals in mind: to identify talented youth who have been Fema Clubbers and who can contribute to Femina Hip’s work; and to provide an opportunity for those youth to gain employability skills, relevant job experience and exposure.

On a yearly basis we bring onboard between 20 and 30 volunteers who are involved in everything from the Femina Hip’s print department: producing and reviewing content for Fema Magazine, and the Girl Power Team: conducting and facilitating training, to the Community Mobilization department: visiting secondary schools with Fema Clubs in Dar es Salaam.

All volunteers are given a one week introductory training by the Femina Hip Team on sexual and reproductive health and economic empowerment, as well as an orientation on Femina Hip’s way of working, values and code of conduct. All volunteers are provided with ongoing mentoring and support throughout their voluntership, gaining invaluable experiences from the Fema Team and workplace. The program begins each January and it is a year long commitment to be involved in our work.
These positions are unpaid, but transportation costs are covered.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in their first or second year of university
  • Have experience as a former Fema Clubber
  • Is less than 30 years of age


Internship Program

The Internship Program provides another opportunity for young people to get involved in our work. It also allows some former volunteers to continue to work with us upon graduation from university. Femina Hip takes on 2-3 local university graduates each year to work as full-time interns. These individuals are provided with an opportunity to work alongside experienced staff in program implementation, media production, social media and community outreach. Through this work interns develop their critical thinking skills, work on their English, gain useful life and employability skills, and get exposure to the world of work. In turn Femina Hip benefits from the collaboration and contribution of motivated young people. Interns receive a small stipend for their work.

Applicant Requirements:

  • University graduate
  • Have experience as a former Fema Clubber
  • Be less than 35 years of age
  • Proficient in English speaking and writing


International Volunteer Program

Our International Volunteer Program represents an opportunity for cultural exchange and growth between the Femina Hip Team
and international volunteers. The program was designed to provide international university students, graduates and professionals with the opportunity to expand their worldview and grow from dynamic collaboration with the Femina Hip Team. This collaboration also presents an opportunity for Femina Hip to benefit from the technical expertise that many of these volunteers bring. Additionally, international volunteers often take our story home with them, becoming our ambassadors in international fora. Volunteers are required to make a commitment for a minimum of 4 months and are required to organize their own immigration visas and permits. Femina Hip does not provide any funding for international volunteers. In addition to individual applications, Femina Hip also works with several international volunteer collaboration programs to fill longer term positions.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled or graduated from an accredited university
  • Has relevant technical experience in fields related to Femina Hips core agendas
  • Professional working proficiency in English



Get Involved
If you're interested in working with
Femina Hip as a volunteer or intern send your CV and a cover letter to:
Human Resources
Femina HIP
P.O. Box 2065
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Or by email to: