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“When you open a book, you open a new world,” someone said, and that’s very true! Books are full of stories and are packed with insights into other people’s lives, experiences and loves. Reading offers knowledge as books, magazines and newspapers teach us skills, provide facts and advice.

Our values and spiritual life are also nurtured by religious texts! The Bible and the Qur’an are significant books that contribute to our reading skills and the understanding of our purpose on earth. These books are filled with stories and guidance.

And news is that the new issue of Fema magazine is out! It is an interesting package that will not only excite you but also take you places and unfold opportunities for you to explore and gain so much. In it, meet Zuhura, the cover personality, whose culture of reading books and listening to stories created the foundation for the amazing poet and writer that she is today! Books make you a better reader, and a better writer, speaker, even songwriter! Have you sung along with the songs of Fid Q? Read about his songwriting journey!

Reading leads to writing, which leads to confidence and mindfulness! Discover how to express yourself in different ways. When you are going through challenges in your life it’s important to have someone to confide in, don’t keep all the feelings inside. In ChezaSalama we explore how writing about it can make you feel so much better, its liberating!!

In the Lifeskills article we explore how you can become a ‘youth reporter’ for Fema magazine. Communication is our profession!

Finally, read the winning stories from our ‘Red Agenda’ essay competition! Our top ten winners are listed on the Paza Sauti page and you can read four of the essays!

And the bigger news is there is something even more exciting in this issue! At Femina Hip, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary thus, in this issue we don’t just have the normal competition! We have the ‘20 Years 20 Awards’ Jubilee Competition that has very big prizes! Check out the instructions on how you can be one of the celebrated winners!

Pages are turning…

Join us on our celebration journey!