New Femina Youth Advisory Board on board

created by Amabilis Batamula C |

Femina Hip is not the kind of media house where editors sit and decide what should be the news of the day! NO! We are a youth project, therefore, youth themselves get to decide on the ‘recipe’ of each individual issue of Fema magazine and even the content and formats of our other media products; Radio and TV!

Yes! They decide on almost everything from the theme and the cover personality to the big and small sections of the magazine! One the platforms used to achieve that is the Femina Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

Like the name suggests, this is a team. It’s made up of twelve young people, carefully selected to represent a wide range of our readers and viewers! The Femina YAB includes girls and boys, in school youth and out of school youth (some of whom are studying in technical colleges). The Femina YAB includes teens as young as 14 and of course some young adults are also not left behind!

These youth are selected from Fema Clubs, they are regular readers of Fema magazine and are very much aware of the needs of their peers, and hence make a good representation. 

We have a new team!

Yes! We recently recruited a new YAB for 2018 and 2019! Like it has always been, this new YAB will be meeting at least every quarter to brainstorm and decide on the content of our media products. Their debut meeting happened immediately after appointment. It was an exciting day for the team to get to know each other while discussing and brainstorming content for the July-September issue of Fema on climate change and tree planting! They did a great job!  

Members of the Femina YAB get a chance to serve for two years and then another team takes over! They don’t leave empty handed! By the time they finish their two years of service, they have gained a lot of knowledge and experience, built a network of friends and they each get a certificate of appreciation! Who doesn’t want this chance?