Plant trees, stop climate change!

created by Fema Editorial Team |

Trees are a life-giving resource! Trees are income, trees are health, trees are simply magical! Did you know that since the beginning of time, trees have helped provide us humans with clean air, the oxygen we breathe to stay alive? Trees are the filters and cleaners of the air. That’s why ‘climate change’ and deforestation is a serious problem.

It is quite simple to understand! Changes in the climate are caused by human beings, it is about what we all do on a daily basis! When we cut down forests and trees to make charcoal we are actually causing climate change, when we burn rubbish like plastic bags, the smoke is polluting and affects our breathing! Learn more about climate change in our Sema Tenda pages and how we can help mitigate by planting trees! 

We need to support youth to grow trees for income and nourishment, but in ways that does not destroy the indigenous trees on our land. Read our cover story about Merlin, the grandson of Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist and her organization Roots & Shoots.

They are planting and growing millions of trees in partnership with schools across the country. 

In the Ruka Juu articles we explore the different ways we can generate income by using trees for fuel wood, charcoal and timber for construction. But we need to take care and find alternatives, so we don’t deplete this lifegiving resource. Idris, our back cover story shares his journey, setting up an alternative charcoal business. 

Trees can also nourish! Dip into the ChezaSalama article which is about the amazing health benefits of trees and how they nurture our souls. Yes, trees are symbols of ancestors and landmarks in our communities. 

So! We have to be careful not to trash and destroy our mother Earth, but care for the gift of life and nature that has been bestowed upon us. We have joined the global campaign ‘Let’s clean the World’, read about it in the Lifeskills pages. Let’s all now clean up and grow trees to protect our earth! This planet is our only home! 

In the meantime, BREATHE, you are alive!