Plastic bottle pavilion, a walking information center for Let’s do it Tanzania

created by Fema Editorial Team and partners |

On the morning of September 1st, a festive event involving local government, environmental activists, ploggers and entertainers took place at Coco beach. Joggers from 11 jogging clubs from Kinondoni municipality in Dar es Salaam have been inspired to join the international plogging* movement and ‘plogged’ their way to Coco beach where a pavilion made of recycled plastic bottles was officially opened to serve as an information center for the Let’s do it Tanzania - World Cleanup Day campaign which peaks on the September 15th. 

The pavilion will contribute to creating public awareness about plastic pollution and our need to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic and other kinds of trash. There is huge potential in recycling different kinds of waste and especially to recycle plastic bottles into novel building materials. This has proved both innovative and cost effective – across the world plastic bottles are increasingly being used for construction. 

Trash and Plastic pollution is today one of the greatest threats to human health and marine life. We witness it daily in Dar es Salaam where our rivers and beaches are littered with trash. To prevent the oceans from having more plastic than fish by 2050, we all need to join forces!

Let's Do It! Tanzania is part of the Let's Do It! World. This is a global mass movement that began in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people united together to clean up the entire country in one day. Since then, Let’s Do It! has spread around the world to over 150 countries, including 42 African countries. 20 million people have so far joined to clean up illegal waste. This global cleanup effort, which peaks on the September 15th, aims to bring together 5% of the global population to stand up against the global trash problem, making it the biggest positive civic action the world is yet to see.

The aim of the Let’s Do it movement is then, to move towards better waste management and raise awareness both locally and globally about the severity of the situation, supporting and connecting a new generation of community leaders ready to act together to find lasting solutions. 

In Tanzania, Nipe Fagio and multi-sector partners, have been busy building the cleanup movement including trainings, pre-cleanups, and awareness raising. Thousands of people have been reached, and thousands of tons of trash has been collected. 

Femina Hip and the Embassy of Sweden hosted this event in cooperation with World Bank, Africraft, Nabaki Afrika and Nipefagio, the main coordinator of World Cleanup Day in Tanzania.

Congratulations to all the participants and partners!
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* Plogging is a workout trend which combines jogging with picking up litter. The idea is simple - when joggers see a piece of trash they sprint to it and squat to pick it up. It adds a dimension to the workout and the environment. The approach was invented in Sweden, where ‘plocka upp’ is Swedish for ‘pick up’ which combined with the universal word ‘jogging’ results in the term plogging.