Dreams can come true!  

created by Fema Editorial Team |

Ndoto! (dreams), we all have them, the visionary fantasies of how our lives could be, our hopes and ambitions… usually happy, pleasant thoughts. So welcome to the Fema DREAMS-IC issue where we explore how our dreams can come true!  

First of all, we must Dare to Dream, and no one is better at that than Jokate Mwegelo, our cover personality and the woman behind the Kidoti brand. Jokate opens up about who she really is, her ambitious dreams, her ups and downs, her disappointments, and the hurts and pains she has gone through to get to where she is today. She is a girl who dares to dream and set goals, and she isn’t done yet! 

We travelled to Mbeya for this issue to speak to secondary school girls who have completed the Femina DREAMS-IC Girl Power training. We have crafted this program to assist girls to ‘protect and build’ their lives and their dreams. Read the Cheza Salama article and learn about the Linda Maisha Yako and Jenga Maisha Yako program which has been delivered to Fema mentors and thousands of clubbers across the country to make sure the girls stay in school. 

We met so many inspiring girls, busy balancing school, starting small scale businesses, and saving money. These girls know what they are doing and nothing will stop them from finishing school and achieving their goals and dreams. Read their testimonies, get inspired, learn from their daring spirit and challenge yourself to start chasing yours.

But hey, it is not all about the girls! We have a surprise for you! We have launched the Boy Power Team - so now the Girl Power Team has its match. Hebu geuza copy yako nyuma! That is the team! Five boys with different backgrounds and experiences are all role models in their own right – read Stori Yangu to get to know them and meet them at their kijiwe and hear all about their HIV testing experiences.  

So, girls and boys, don’t be afraid to dream! Set goals and work hard, seek out mentorship through someone you trust and resist peer pressure. Volunteer and become an active member of your Fema Club.  Don’t let obstacles along the way discourage you, keep moving. Believe in yourself and your dreams. You are unique and precious, you have something special in you, different from the rest. Bring it out, let it blossom. 

Chase your DREAMS! The sky is the limit!

Fema Issue #49