Femina Hip is 20 years old!

created by Fema Editorial Team |

We are thrilled and excited! 2019 is a year of celebration for all of us in the Femina Family. We invite you to join us for the anniversary as we highlight the creation story and the journey of Femina Hip across our media platform.

A series of events and special media content will feature during the anniversary! We have made a celebration issue of Fema magazine and a celebration Fema TV show season which will be start airing in February 2019. Here you get to meet everyone in the Femina team, as they ‘chezasalama’ (dance) and have fun in the Femina style and talk about our work. You will get insight into our creation story, how Mama Minou got the inspiration and together with Amabilis and others, set up and organized the amazing Femina team. 

You will learn more about our vision to change the lives of a whole generation of Tanzanian youth, providing them with lifeskills and knowledge on how to protect and build their lives! In the magazine you will find a photostory where we take you behind the scenes and share the process of how we put Fema magazine together. Here you get a closer look at the work we do, both in our office as well as while visiting youth and other Femina Family members in the field. What sort of skill sets and professions are needed? It’s a chance for you to understand a bit more about the Femina Hip business. Even in the Fema TV Show you get to meet some of the brilliant people working at Femina Hip and follow the TV team as they travel out to the regions to visit clubbers and mentors in secondary schools. 

A highlight of the Fema magazine issue is that you get to read the winning stories in our essay competition, our readers testimonials about how Femina has changed their lives!!! We are moved and humbled by your words! Another exiting feature is that you get to see the 50 covers of Fema magazine lined up. They were produced over the past 20 years and printed in more than 10 million copies distributed to all of you across Tanzania! 

So, stay tuned, all of this will get you in celebration mood! On the 26th of January we have the big Femina Hip birthday party! It is going to be a wonderful event, with entertainment, award giving and 350 guests who will join us from all over Tanzania. Our Femina Hip Annual Youth Conference takes place just before, and the participants; Fema clubbers, teacher mentors and essay competition winners will all join in the fun at the party. Partners, donors and government representatives will also be present.

So, we start 2019 wishing Happy Anniversary to everyone in the Femina Family!