Art and celebration!

created by Fema Editorial Team |

This issue is about ‘Art and celebration’ and the incomes we can generate through expressing ourselves in artistic ways.

At Femina Hip we recently celebrated our 20 year anniversary and we hosted a big party for our ‘femina family’ members, our many contributors and partners through the years. We wanted to share the story of our journey and commemorate the work that we have done to build the Femina media platform. We also wanted to sparkle with joy in the Femina way, using Art and Entertainment. The party was a heartwarming and memorable event. Read the cover story, the ‘Power of Love’ about The Mafik, the band that entertained us throughout the night and lifted our spirits to the sky!

At the party, the Diamond Jubilee hall sparkled! It was decorated with colorful Art and designs, and you can see the photos on the Fema Club pages! Many awards were given out and a key attraction was the Femina fashion show which had team members wearing their own khanga outfits! It’s true, dressing up is definitely about expressing our identities, so in the ChezaSalama article you can read all about ‘dressing for success’. But what is a party without an MC, we had our beloved Amabilis. However, there are artistic and talented MC’s out there so read the backcover story where Baraka Bihurugu talks about his MC work. He is a Fema club mentor making use of his talent!

Any celebration these days has to be documented with photography for memory sake. With social media and mobile phones the skill of taking photos is spreading. Meet Albert Mbepera who works as a professional photographer and talks about making a career of his passion.
So! There are many types of expressive Art, it surrounds us in society and frames our lives. In Tanzania the sector is regulated by BASATA. We explain how they work with artists in the Sema Tenda article, as all artists have to register with them.
The Art sector has lots to offer and the Art industries are growing, there are jobs and income opportunities to be found. Do you have artistic talent? Have a good read, find out more!