Youth leading the way!

created by Fema Editorial Team |

Fema 52 - Today we live in a global world! With technology like mobile phones we are connected and can communicate with anyone. We are citizens in Tanzania but we are also citizens of planet earth in the universe. We are part of the human race, and whatever our difference in color, sex, tribe or disability, we are equal, we should be treated with fairness, no one should discriminate against us. 


The leaders of all of the countries of the world, under the United Nations, have declared that all citizens have universal human rights. But with those rights come responsibilities to make sure that we contribute to making our communities and the world a better place. 

Did you know that children have their own set of rights? They have a right to such things as education, to protection, to development and to grow up in a peaceful world. In this issue of Fema magazine we explore what it means to have rights and responsibilities. 

In the cover story you will meet four citizen ‘champions’, former Fema clubbers and youth activists who share their experience. They started off by volunteering, working with youth issues through different youth organizations, educating and organizing their fellow youth, supporting them to speak up on issues they care about. Talk about fostering leadership skills, these four are already leaders!

Hassan Pukey tells us more about the government’s ‘Youth Policy’ to support young people, and Farida Makame informs us about the Youth Development Funds that are available to help young people start businesses. Rahim Nasser is passionate about lifeskills and life planning and educates his fellows so they don’t end up with unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. Shamira Mshangama is eager to encourage and support young women like herself, to step up to leadership as she did.

Read also our back cover story about Hamisi Mohamed from Mtwara. 
He is an electrician and youth activist who has been elected to represent youth 
in local governement meetings to voice their concerns. He is a responsible young man and has come far, in spite of his disability. 

Finally, study the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which celebrates 
30 years this year, and all the rights that children have to enable them to grow up happy and healthy in this world. We all need to take action to make sure every child has every right!

Think about how you can contribute. With rights and responsibilities in society and youth stepping up to take on leadership, we will see a more just world!