FOOD is powerful! 

created by Fema Editorial Team |

We all like food, in fact we love food because it fuels our bodies! Without food we can’t live and work. We need the energy it gives us, the nourishment to build our bodies and let’s not forget, the pleasures we get from eating! Our bodies need to be strong and fit - they are the homes of our souls!

So we decided to do a Fema Issue on Food and Nutrition for us all to learn more! We started our exploration by travelling out into the country, this time to Rukwa region in the Southern Highlands. The zone is a ‘bread-basket‘ and feeds the entire country! We visited communities and schools and listened to youth tell stories of food, from those with plenty to those who know what it means to go hungry. We talked to many about the school feeding programs - students should eat during the day! It was emotional sometimes; we laughed and cried in the process. 

We also want you to learn about Nutrition the building blocks of our bodies.  Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and all the other things we need to grow and flourish. We also need to understand the relationship between age and the kinds of foods we need to eat at different stages of our life. The Chezasalama article explains that babies, pregnant women and elders have special nutritional needs. All of us need to eat a balanced diet, in reasonable quantities. There is no reason to eat too much, it spills over, too much storage of fat on our bodies can become a burden and lead to ill health. Read on and educate yourself and check in to hear what the nutritionist, Doris Lunyungu has to say about her work to promote good health in Stori Yangu. 

Listen in to the discussion about food as members of the Femina Power teams visit their local Mama Lishe to enjoy lunch. Food habits can be hard to break but we can try to educated each other. The food we eat in Tanzania is often cultivated nearby, it is grown on our farms, but are you aware of the fact that nature herself is like a foodstore? Go out into nature like our forefathers did, and forage; nuts, insects, mushrooms and green leaves - there is plenty to eat out there. Ukisoma unashiba!