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Today the Internet and Social Media are transforming the world, we are all connected and live in a global village! Everyone wants to have a smart phone, with it you open your window to the digitalized world. At a click of your finger you can access oceans of information, entertainment and social networks. It’s hard to realize that a few decades ago, there were no computers, no internet, no smartphones! Science and technology have completely changed the way we do things, access information, communicate, send and receive news, take pictures, engage with others and even the way we manage our money! 

In this Fema issue we browse the internet and social media and explore when it can help us access information and entertainment or distract and expose us to harm! Our cover story features two young influencers, Getrude and Sylivia, who are making social media work for them, building their social activism and careers. Getrude is a writer and innovator, who has made a name for herself creating Apps. Sylivia is a ‘slay queen’, with social engagement. Both of them are passionate about girls’ rights and have many followers on their Instagram accounts. Read more and learn how they do it!

There are also careers and money to be made online! You can google your way to knowledge about how to set up a business in a certain sector or make money transactions. In Ruka Juu we look at all the clever tricks Mary used to help start and maintain a successful online clothing business using her Instagram account! Meet Said Hozza in our back Cover story, an aspiring engineer who while at school became a promising innovator in mobile phone technology! The opportunities in our digitalizing world are so many!

But it is undeniable that social media and the internet can also be an unsafe space. Like any sector, it is regulated by a Cyber Law. You need to be aware of what you can and cannot do, so you don’t do something illegal. Who do you talk to and who talks to you? What kind of content do you post and upload? 
Read more on the Lifeskills pages and in the ChezaSalama section, where we explore the risks you can encounter while navigating the social media territories, and what you need to do to keep safe!

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We are already out there, part of the World Wide Web!  

Happy Reading!