Let’s talk Mental Health!

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“A healthy body, a healthy mind!” That’s what we should all live by! It is important that every part of our body is healthy and functioning, but did you know that like our bodies our minds can get sick?

In this issue of Fema magazine, we address Mental Health and feelings such as stress, anxiety and depression which most of us encounter at some time in our lives. We look at how important it is to heal and talk about what we are going through because talking is therapy and talking is treatment! 
What makes a man? We all wonder how men learn to be the providers and leaders we expect them to be. But what challenges do they face on the way? 
In our cover story you meet Michael Baruti, of the radio podcast Men, Men, Men. For a long time he felt uncomfortable talking about all the expectations that triggered his feelings of depression. But that changed and he now talks openly about the mental health challenges he faced and how he managed to heal himself by opening up talking and sharing his experiences.   
Money can also be a big cause of mental distress. Max (not his real name) in our Ruka Juu Story, narrates how desperation and depression because of financial poverty triggered a dramatic action that he was later to regret. He managed to overcome and has learnt to handle his emotions. 
ChezaSalama and our photostory dives deep into the issue of the emotions surrounding relationships. ‘Love’ can turn bitter and cause stress and anxiety. If you are a student it can  completely derail you from your studies. Always remember! While in school abstinence is your best choice! 
We need more social and mental health awareness to understand how to heal and avoid mental health challenges becoming mental illness.  Meet Deborah Luambano in our back cover story who is the only female psychologist at Muhimbili Hospital Mloganzila. She is just 28 years old, but her aspiration was always to understand emotions and help do away with the shame and stigma surrounding mental health challenges.  Read her story and find out how professionals approach mental health!
So! Read on, learn how you and your friends can talk about your feelings 
to make sure you secure your Mental Health!
Happy Reading!

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