Fema Club Mentors conference a buzz

created by Amabilis Batamula |

For two full days, the corridors and halls of the famous Usagara Secondary School pulsed with vibrant exchanges of shareable experiences, meaningful discussions, growth-oriented learning sessions, election of new national leadership of the Fema Club Mentors’ Network and light moments that didn’t lack jokes or rhythm. 

Over 70 Fema Club Mentors from across the country met in Tanga last week to celebrate each other, connect, learn and explore our beautiful country. This annual gathering was initially planned to take place in June last year but was postponed due to COVID19. When it finally happened, fewer participants showed up than initially confirmed a year ago, but the vibe and energy that filled the venue and social media was enough to echo a voice strong enough to be heard by those who didn’t make it.

Staff from Femina Hip office in Dar es Salaam joined this amazing display of patriotism and volunteerism, and indeed the Femina Family affair was lit. Fema Club Mentors are teachers who support and provide guidance to Fema Clubs in their schools. There are over 2300 Fema Clubs across the country, each with one or two mentors. This was the fourth time the mentors have held this self-organized event and the first time a larger team from Femina Hip office, including the Executive Director and all the seven zonal coordinators, joined them. 

“It is with great joy that we have made it here. Thank you for the invitation and an opportunity to connect.” said Ruth Mlay, Femina Hip Executive Director. “We believe in mentorship and appreciate all the immeasurable effort you are putting into making sure Tanzanian youth receive guidance and support to protect and build their lives. Thanks to the organizing team and to all the teachers/mentors.”

On the third day, the group embarked on a mission to expand their knowledge of a #TanzaniaUnforgettable, as self-appointed ambassadors of local tourism. They travelled all the way up the East Usambara mountains to witness the hidden treasures of Magoroto Forest. No words can explain the beauty and the awe that came with that experience. A man-made lake surrounded by a man-made forest of palm trees and additional species that have cropped up and filled the bare spaces, boat rides, fishing, swimming and a dozen other activities all provided for an environment of fun memorable moments. Phones ran out of charge taking photos and videos.

When the time came to say goodbyes, an evening of light speeches and dance made for a perfect culmination. Chair of the coordinating team Mayombo Lutego from Tanga had this to say, "On behalf of the leadership and mentors of the Northern Zone I want to thank you all for coming, Tanga is beautiful, I hope you have all enjoyed it. We are also very grateful for the support from the national leadership of the Fema Club Mentors’ Network under the outgoing Chairman Anacleth Mpunami (Mwanza), for their guidance and advice at all stages of preparation. God bless you all for this spirit of true patriotism and volunteerism that you are displaying to support Tanzanian youth and the broader concepts of national development.”

Incoming chairperson, Eliud Kabengo (Simiyu) applauded and thanked fellow mentors for electing a new leadership and promised them teamwork as they all work to strengthen the Network. “We also thank Femina Hip for supporting our conference and our work in the Clubs.”

After the successful organisation of the conference by the Northern Zone (Tanga, Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions), the baton was passed on to the Southern Zone (Mtwara, Lindi, Morogoro and Coast regions) who will see to it that the event happens in Morogoro in 2022. 
Congratulations to all Fema Club Mentors; those who made it to Tanga and those who didn’t. Your work is highly appreciated. Thank you Tanga Raha, all the best Mji Kasoro Bahari.