It’s the year 2022 and here at Femina we just love new years! 
It is such an exciting time because we get to make plans and set 
our personal goals for the year. So! What are your goals for 2022? 
How will you achieve them? Have you written them down? 
If you haven’t, we suggest that you do, and that you do it soon! 
For now, let’s dive into our new issue of Fema magazine!

Our cover story is a ‘book’ written by Frida Josephat Ernest. 
It is a fascinating recount of the different chapters of her life so far, and how each of them has contributed to who she is today. She tells us about her childhood dreams, and how education made them possible. Read her ‘book’ and see for yourself!

Sema Tenda tells us that the journey through education is never an easy one. It is however, always a worthwhile one. It also highlights the role of the whole community to making that possible. Let’s turn to page 28 and see what Juma went through!

Kibichwa is faced with a dilemma, and how he has no idea that the decision he makes now, will impact his life forever. What dilemma is this? Who will he ask for help, and will they be able to help him? Well, our cartoon story has some answers!

In ChezaSalama, Nyanzoza is very happy about the Re-entry Policy. She knows that after all the hardships she’s been through, going back to school is the only way that can help her get her life back on track. There is more to that story on page 18, and you don’t want to miss it.

Bibi is becoming popular with her dondoo, and she continues 
to surprise us with her wisdom. What does she have in store for 
us this time? Read and find out!