Celebrating the World Environment Day

created by Femina Hip |

This year’s World Environment Day had the theme ‘Connecting people to nature’ to encourage us to go outdoors into nature to appreciate its beauty and its importance and to take forward the call to protect Mother Earth.  To celebrate, Femina Hip and partners – Nipe Fagio, Jielimishe Kwanza and UN Environment answered the call and organized a two day festival Connect with Nature - Be Cool, Clean and Green, on the weekend Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June.

You cannot change what you do not know

Many residents of Dar es Salaam, are not aware of the many environmental crises facing their city, and the globe as a whole.  More specifically, they are not aware of how pollution (water, air, soil) in all forms, (solid, liquid, gas), affect their health, productivity, economy and dignity. Neither are they aware of how these affect nature's health and resilience and why thriving eco-systems are essential to our very survival. 

Awarness raising is an essential part of engagement and behavior change in our society. That is why the partners came together to hold this 2 day festival. The format was a fun, participatory and relevant festival, including a ‘recycling and upcycling lab’ to stimulate learning, ‘trash clean ups’, quiz competition with prizes that motivated the visitor to spend time exploring the issues, as well as themed drama and music. 

The event was opened by special guests from the government, and donors in the presence of members of the mainstream media. The festival was generously funded by the core donors of Femina Hip, the Swedish and Danish Embassies, and received additional contributions from the Embassy of Switzerland and Embassy of Netherlands.

Femina Hip used the occasion to launch its nation wide environmental campaign for 2017. The focus is on waste management, recycling, and the upcoming Plastic Bag Ban. 

We are all part of nature, we share nature and we depend on nature. We have to protect it! We need to invest in our futures not consume our futures. Yay for the sustainability revolution! 


Left: Dignitaries and supporters of the WED festival, from left to right representative from the Swiss Embassy, from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, from the Dutch Embassy, from UNIDO, the Ambassador of Sweden and representative from the Vice President’s Office with the organizing team. Right: Fema magazine issue on Waste management and Plastic bag ban.

Left: Dar Creators performing a dance. Right: Some winners of the Green Quiz

Left: Made By Africraft creative recyclers demonstrating their talent for making trash into crafts. Middle: Artist, Omar recycling old newspaper into Papier-mâché. Right: Little Sun solar lamps, renewable energy is vital for the health of Mother 

Sekela, Intern Fema Production Member of the Girl Power Team was among the people who pledge to protect the environment