Fema Magazine 64 is out

created by Femina Hip |

Life gives us a lot of wonderful things – family, friends, love, joy, you name it. Then life, sometimes, twists our stories into puzzles and questions we struggle to answer. For example, we ask, why would one human being deliberately commit an act of harming another human being? Is it life, or just the cruel human being? Ngumu kujibu. But we must find answers, and solutions, because if we don’t the harm harms the wonderful things that life gives us.

Sometimes, to find such answers, we have to travel to places we usually don’t. Which is why in this issue of Fema, we take emotional trips to the hearts of our fellow, but brave, human beings, who have agreed to share their painful memories to paint the reality of this ugly picture that we don’t always visualize. In this issue, that picture is vivid. Inaumiza! Inakera!

But first, let’s take a moment, to say this, thank you to each and every one who shared their stories, we can promise that your experiences will teach us something, if not a lot. Asanteni sana.

Our call to everyone reading this issue of Fema is that after reading these stories, let’s summon the power within, the power that each one of us have, and do something. Let’s show respect and appreciation to those who have shared their life experiences with us, by doing something to end these crimes.

Make a plan, involve others, take your actions to the next level. Ask yourself; what will I do to change the situation for the better? What will I do to PREVENT Gender Based Violence? What will I do to support SURVIVORS of GBV? What will I do with everything in my power and everything in my everything?

Tanzania bila Ukatili wa Kinjisia inawezekana. About time!