Fema 65 is Out!!

Hey, hey, hey! Green Gen is here, and so is Fema 65; full of exciting stories that will inspire and challenge you to take an active role in natural resource management (NRM).


In this edition we partner with the Jane Goodall Institute and their Landscape Conservation in Western Tanzania project, to explore the adventures and treasures of nature, and the relationships we must protect, including the one with our distant cousin, the chimpanzee. For that we to Kigoma.
Read the cover story and meet Edson Mamba, an amazing young man, whose creative mind, and love for animals beats the odds he has encountered in life. Also in the cover story, meet the Chimpanzee and learn some interesting facts that will make you want to visit Gombe National Park leo leo.
There are many ways we can practice conservation, you can even make money while at it. In Cheza Salama, Felister Joachim says famiy planning can help us protect our environment. The Power Teams share the story of Neema Elias, a forest protector and mushroom collector. And from Jane Goodall herself, we are reminded that giving up is not an option you bring to the table when it comes to protecting our mother earth.
Who said conservation can't be fun? The cartoon story is one good story of a family that pokes the wrong bear - sio ya kukosa!
Does the word Funza ring a bell? Yes, Funza! Sounds gross but in this case it is the opposite. The clock is ticking, and the world is changing. In Story Yangu we take you on a journey to Samaki Farms in Dar es Salaam, where a group of young people is making a difference with an affordable service.
As you have a copy, keep reading, you will be inspired!