Fema 66 is Out!

Greetings to all!

Welcome to Boys Boys Magazine an empowering space dedicated to boys' stories, aspirations, and growth. The main emphasis of this issue will revolve around the challenges related to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights that young boys encounter or experience in their lives, as well as strategies for effectively addressing these issues we will also showcase their diverse journeys, challenge stereotypes, and highlight their positive impact. Get ready to be inspired by the potential of these young leaders. Welcome to a world of possibilities with Boys Boys Magazine!

It's been a while since we spotlighted a prominent figure in our Fema magazine. Now allow us to introduce you to Aishi Manula, the top goalkeeper for both Taifa Stars and Simba sports club "Mnyama."Aishi Manula a very hard-working boy who never get tired to fight for his dreams although he never had a dream on what he will be or will want to have in his future’s. Through his story you will see how Aishi experienced what young boys can relate to as struggles of being young, male and with dreams

By the way this magazine is not only for  about boys    we have also explained issued concerns girls and how boys can be party of girl’s issues in the photostory page you will get an interesting story about menstrual hygiene management, the story of Ng’ambi,Matonya,Mazengo and Nyemo this four good friends have explained how menstruations is important to be known by both genders and how boys are important to be involved to know issues of girls so that they can help them.

In this magazine we also want the readers to know about their sexual and mental health matter. That gendered narratives can affect the way they relate with others and with each other. That they can challenge societies about Creating a safe environment and fostering understanding and support are essential for the well-being of individuals in terms of mental health and sexuality. That positive masculinity is a good thing.