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For the first time in three seasons of Ruka Juu TV Show, a woman entrepreneur has won the entrepreneurship competition. Francisca Cyprian Massawe, from Moshi, Kilimanjaro, accumulated the highest points from both the judges and the audience, which gave an edge over the other five contestants, lifting her to a 22.4% overall score. Her business is adding value to spices.

The third season theme of Ruka Juu was Youth in Agriculture Value Addition, and was designed to promote and empower young entrepreneurs from across Tanzania to add value to existing agricultural products by understanding how to access markets; the process of setting up and registering a business; working together in groups; using technology and innovation for processing; understanding the importance of branding and marketing; growing their business and income. The shows also highlight the value of joining a membership organization such as the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and participating in trade fairs and exhibitions. It showcases young people’s contribution to adding value to agricultural products, enhancing production of local products, and understanding the regulations for running a business in Tanzania. The season features the contribution of parastatal organisations like Small Industrial Development Organization (SIDO) and civil society partners, to assist young entrepreneurs develop their businesses, with skills development and coaching as part of an incubation process.

Value-addition in agriculture means changing a raw agricultural product into something new through processing, cooling, drying, extracting, packaging, or any other process that differentiates the product from the original raw commodity. Examples of value-added agricultural products include sunflower oil, peanut butter, jam, chutney, honey, soap and yogurt. Adding value to agricultural products is worthwhile because of the higher profits that the entrepreneur can earn, together with the opportunity to enter into new markets.

Six contestants from six regions of Tanzania took part in this engaging competition, and allowed audiences nationwide peep into their day-to-day business conduct, giving the viewers not only food-for-thought but also practical solutions for their own challenges in starting and running value addition businesses.

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