Fema Team at   04/10/2020

Let’s talk Mental Health!

“A healthy body, a healthy mind!” That’s what we should all live by! It is important that every part of our body is healthy and functioning, but did...

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Fema Editorial Team at   01/14/2020

Connect your life!

Today the Internet and Social Media are transforming the world, we are all connected and live in a global village! Everyone wants to have a smart...

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Fema Team at   11/11/2019

And the winner is... Femina Hip!

This weekend the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), one of the countries most established civil society platforms, honored the most outstanding...

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Fema Editorial Team at   11/08/2019

FOOD is powerful! 

We all like food, in fact we love food because it fuels our bodies! Without food we can’t live and work. We need the energy it gives us, the...

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Fema Editorial Team at   08/15/2019

Youth leading the way!

Fema 52 - Today we live in a global world! With technology like mobile phones we are connected and can communicate with anyone. We are citizens in...

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Fema Editorial Team at   04/17/2019

Art and celebration!

This issue is about ‘Art and celebration’ and the incomes we can generate through expressing ourselves in artistic ways.

At Femina Hip we recently...

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