Fema Editorial Team at   01/29/2019

Fema magazine celebrates 20 Years Of Femina Hip!

Femina Hip celebrates 20 years of working with and for the youth of Tanzania. For the occasion we have made a celebration issue of Fema magazine.

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Fema Editorial Team at   01/02/2019

Femina Hip is 20 years old!

We are thrilled and excited! 2019 is a year of celebration for all of us in the Femina Family. We invite you to join us for the anniversary as we...

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Fema Editorial Team at   10/10/2018

Dreams can come true!  

Ndoto! (dreams), we all have them, the visionary fantasies of how our lives could be, our hopes and ambitions… usually happy, pleasant thoughts. So...

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Fema Editorial Team and partners at   09/04/2018

Plastic bottle pavilion, a walking information center for Let’s do it Tanzania

On the morning of September 1st, a festive event involving local government, environmental activists, ploggers and entertainers took place at Coco...

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Fema Editorial Team at   07/31/2018

Plant trees, stop climate change!

Trees are a life-giving resource! Trees are income, trees are health, trees are simply magical! Did you know that since the beginning of time, trees...

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Amabilis Batamula C at   06/14/2018

New Femina Youth Advisory Board on board

Femina Hip is not the kind of media house where editors sit and decide what should be the news of the day! NO! We are a youth project, therefore,...

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