Femina Hip envisions
a gender equal society in which youth are confident and competent
change-makers with healthy lifestyles who actively participate in the development and well being of Tanzania.

Our mission
is to use our trusted brand, expertise in strategic communication and
extensive partnership network to reach young people across Tanzania with critical knowledge and create forums for conversation.

Our strategic
outcome is a healthy lifestyle movement of young,
confident change-makers who adopt the following Femina Family lifestyle values and behaviours:  

  • Value men and women equally
  • Embrace sexuality
  • Delay sexual intercourse debut
  • Practice safe sex or abstinence
  • Use condoms and other contraceptives
  • Get tested for HIV and STIs
  • Treat people living with HIV/AIDS the same as those without
  • Engage in sustainable livelihoods
  • Identify opportunities through entrepreneurial mind-set
  • Are engaged citizens – knowing and exercising rights and responsibilities
  • Take collective action to inspire positive social change
  • Promote the Femina Family lifestyle to peers