Igniting the Femina Hip Change Movement…

Femina Hip was set up as a civil society organization in Tanzania to foster healthy lifestyles by educating and connecting young people around sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as HIV/AIDS prevention at a precarious time of the epidemic. Young people, both then and now, are at risk and marginalized when it comes to sexual health decision making. Gender disparity makes young women a particularly vulnerable group. Femina Hip identified an urgent need for sexual and reproductive health and life skills education and youth ‘voices’ on their own experiences. To address this reality we started our journey by creating a multimedia platform to foster knowledge and skills through participatory story telling. In the subsequent years our platform grew adding communication vehicles including TVradioprint and social media as well as a large outreach program through study clubs in secondary schools.


Celebrating 10 years of resounding Tanzanian voices!

Our 10 year anniversary marked our decision to expand our life skills agenda and our focus on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention to include economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and citizen rights and engagement. The anniversary also marked an expansion of our outreach program to include ‘active learning’ and mentor/teacher training. We also reinvented our branding and introduced Fema, meaning female and male, as the name for our core vehicles.


Femina Hip’s 20 year anniversary!

Femina Hip turned 20 and we celebrate that two generations of youth have grown up with the support of the initiative! We are continuing to explore new ways to support youth and expand what we have come to call the Femina Family. We have matured and become the largest Tanzanian civil society organization and media platform working with youth. Millions of Tanzanians are engaging with our products every year, setting up Fema Clubs and organizing themselves into Fema Youth Club Networks around the country. The Femina Family has become a lifestyle and change movement.


We are committed to continue our work to resound the voices of youth…

Through our multimedia platform, as well as through face-to-face activities and mentorship, Femina Hip works to communicate and connect with youth. We believe that one of the  most effective ways to empower young people is through the creation of a platform where they can raise their voices through testimonials and storytelling that communicates and reinforces our agendas and messages. In this way we create a connected and intimate communication vehicle that is both approachable and impactful. We deepen this interpersonal communication with our audience through the work done by our Community Mobilization Department, which travels out to the regions of Tanzania and regularly meets with young people, teacher/mentors, and other local leaders to help them connect around key content issues. Continuous monitoring and evaluation is inherent in all our work to ensure our objectives are realized and our goals are accomplished.

Our approach and identity have been strongly shaped by Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC). It informs our way of working, highlighting behavior change as an achievable reality. We communicate with ‘edutainment’, which is the combination of entertainment and education, using youth culture and language, storytelling, photo-stories, advice columns and comedy in a visual and trendy way. We believe that this approach opens people up and makes them receptive to new ideas and change.